Why NeighborHealth

Welcome Neighbor!

At NeighborHealth we help you find the ideal Dental Health Specialist Treatment. We facilitate the process of your experience abroad by creating a personalized itinerary and establishing a connection with a pre-screened practitioner.
We are Innovative
We leverage all the technological tools at our disposal and our local expertise to make the “impossible” happen. We believe these are the key ingredients essential for growth and to ensure continued loyalty from our customers.
We Believe in Community
Helping one another to ensure mutual success as individuals and as a community. This is why we do what we do at NeighborHealth.We believe that healthcare should be easy and affordable. Our health leaders are here to serve you. Additionally, we believe in building our communities, we provide similar services to children in developing nations.
Our service pledge
We pledge to provide you with a healing, safe, and enjoyable experience while using our services by adhering to continuous improvement practices, hiring talented and friendly individuals, and by implementing inclusive practices every step of the way.

The NeighborHealth Journey

Affordability for everyone
NeighborHealth is funded by individuals who believe that healthcare should be easy and affordable for everyone.
World's largest startup accelerator
NeighborHealth begins summer Bootcamp at Plug and Play Silicon Valley
NeighborHealth develops a pre-screened Healthcare network across Mexico.
NeighborHealth is ready to lauch

Why Choose NeighborHealth?

Meet Our Professional Team

team member
CEO - Founder
Lucia Romo
Her passion is to make a positive impact in her community. Entrepreneurship and healthcare solutions lover. She is in charge to make of this company one of the most profitable and scalable as possible.
team member
V.P. of Operations
Roberto Peña
Roberto is living proof that the world is rather small and constantly reminds us to be adventurous! He is our VP of Operations and is eager to welcome you, our Neighbor.
team member
V.P. of Technology - Founder
Jacob Barrera
Jacob strongly believes that everything must be done driven by a real passion, nothing can be done by just yourself but by helping people to make bonds and connections to achieve the desired goal. NeighborHealth is the perfect example of his life's goal.
team member
V.P. of International Development
Rodolfo Funes
Rodolfo firmly believes that progress isn't reached in a comfort zone and is committed to providing you with the best experience at home and abroad!
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